A third of Americans say black-haired is okay for Halloween clothes


To use black owls always for Halloween, 15% of respondents say, and another 19% said it is sometimes appropriate.

The study was carried out mainly before disputes were made about black politics in Virginia, where the deputy and lawyer asked their skin dark as part of dress. And there is a long series of politicians and well-known scientists who have caught blackmail.

The case has debated since it was found that the Ralph Northam school yearbook book featured a picture of a man in a black-haired man with a KKK uniform. Northam also left a black party to a party. On an individual basis, the state's general appointee, Mark Herring, also Democrat, went into blackmail to a party in the college.

Now, according to Pew, almost a smaller proportion – 53% – of American adults who think it is not appropriate for a black-haired black man to use in clothing.

Blackface goes back to play programs

Black-haired origins dating back to the mid-19th century minstrel shows. The white players revealed the skin with slugs and corks, they put on cured clothing and they added their features greatly to look vigilantly "black."

The first assistant has a & # 39; African Africans on southern plantations, showing black people such as lion, ignorant, miserable or hypersexual, according to the Smithsonian African American National History and Culture Museum (NMAAHC).

It was anticipated that the fun shows would be for white spectators. But for black people, they were uncertain and rough.

Differentiation of political lines, clans

In Pew's survey, a Republican (and independent of a Republican support) was much more likely to be able to; see black-haired as appropriate to the Democrats. A quarter of the Republicans said he was always satisfied and half of the Republicans said he was always or right. Only 21% of democratic and independent democratically said it is always or right.

The polling results also allowed race subdivisions. Among white people, 39% thought that black or white was always preserved or part of the Halloween costume, compared to only 18% of black and 28% of Latinos. Over half of the Black Americans (53%) said black-haired as part of Halloween clothes was included.

White Americans aged 18-29 were much more likely than those over 30 to believe that blackmail could not be taken. Twenty-one out of a hundred percent of the young young Americans said that it was always or sometimes adequate, compared to 39% percent of knees between 30-49 and 45% of 50- gu-64.

In particular, it is more appropriate for the Americans to dress up as a person who uses traditional clothes from a country or a culture, except as part of Halloween Halloween, an act called " cultural pursuits "sometimes. Nearly 3 out of 5 Americans said it is always (26%) or sometimes (32%) appropriate.

Virginia in destruction

Northam has stopped crystallizing steps since black-haired black man and another Ku Klux Klan dresser were taken from the 1984. Medical school yearbook. The ruler refused to be the one in the picture, but then went to & # 39; dark face to look like Michael Jackson during a dance competition in 1984.

In an interview with Gayle King at CBS, Northam said "the truth is really established" in terms of why black-haired use is terrible.

Herring did not appear in a black-haired party of a party in 1980, where it was decorated as a rapper.

"That behavior clearly shows, as a young man, that I felt a lack of conscious and uncertainty about the pain that could impose on others," said Herring in a statement. "It was a huge reduction of color people and it was a huge history that I knew well even then."

The Pew survey, held on January 22 to February 5, includes many black and Hispanic respondents to provide more reliable estimates of these sections of the population. The overall data has a weight to provide a fair representation of the entire US population.

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