A third party involved in the murder of Las Terrazas is captured


The person would be a neighbor to the El Gran Chaparral building and would have been involved with Luis Alberto Castillo and his companion Bileidis Yoselin Meza, four hands.

Andrés Felipe Ceballos Bolaños was known as the third captive who would have taken part in the killings of Las Terrazas.

On Monday morning, Ceballos Bolaños is in the pre-hearing of the Barranquilla Legal Services Center.

With this acceptance, the draft issued by the first defendants, Luis Alberto Castillo Orozco and Bileidis Yoselin Meza Salas, was reinforced on the Friday before being submitted to the Finance Office on The partnership of three neighbors in the blood event on Saturday 2 February.

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It should be remembered that Castillo Orozco and Meza Salas were sent to prison for crimes with serious injuries and great killing due to the death of Jaime Enrique Herrán, companion of Betzaida Acevedo; her sister, Griselda, and Sandra Ricardo Montes.

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