A three-day pay delay continues to be a Christmas emergency for some B.C. days


Kelowna Amanda Worms day care owner needed a personal credit line and borrowed money from her parents when she did not pay government fees in due course.

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Amanda Worms, day care owner, was part of a Christmas break trying to pay her rent after she had been lying three days late with a cost of paying a $ 22,000 reduction.

"It's impossible to run such things," said Okanagan's day carer on Thursday. "If the government wants to move to universal childcare, they have to do the job together."

In April, the department started a childcare tax reduction initiative which, cutting up to $ 350 per month for daily expenses, depending on the age of the child and the type of childcare. The money is paid direct to day-to-day, which will deliver the savings into families. Operators need to record the paper before the 20th of each month to receive payment before the first day of the next month.

But in December and January, delays had been delayed as often as three days, leaving jobcare staff in a hard place.

Worms, who runs two childcare centers in Kelowna with 250 places, Getting around $ 22,000 from government every month instead of a proportion of parent fees. She uses money to pay her rent on two buildings, three small buses and staff.

"There are around $ 42,000 in the expense of my expiration of my first month, unpaid," she explained. "In the meantime, we may have had two or late parents, but now its impact has multiplied."

Worms said she had made her payment request on December 20, by date. When she did not see the money at the end of the month, the Ministry of Family and Family Development was called up and her staff told her to pay between December 31 and Jan. 4.

"Since then, I spent hours on his phone to try to find out what to do," she said.

At the end, one of her landlords agrees a few days waiting for her rent, length & # 39; Worms were a cover; over with her personal credit and her parents' help.

"The government said it was a bit of a bit, but it's not small," she said. "If they're one late day, I can spend thousands of dollars."

It's not the first time it has happened. Worms said she had had a delay with her three final payments. Before the government's program began, if the tax family could be paid, the carer could ask them for a day to return until the debts were settled.

"I can not tell them they can not come because the government did not pay their taxes."

Kelowna Amanda Worms Day Care Owner.

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In an email statement, a ministerial spokesman said "some of the providers had a shortage of the number of statutory holidays in December."

His ministry also promised to & # 39; do better, saying that he would look at ways to improve the payment system to ensure that funding is available at the beginning of the month in such situations to allow them to pay their employees or costs pay-related. "

The Ministry of Postmedia could not be donated by the number of day care staff who received late payment in January. But a spokesman said 24,200 payments were paid before Dec. 24 and the "majority" received their money by January 1.

When asked about payments late this month, a ministerial spokeswoman said that some payments were also "a few days late" in December because of the delay in new staff to accompany him and # 39; childcare and statutory holiday funding program. "

In total, 2,600 childcare organizations were agreed to reduce childcare fees – around 86 per cent of relevant agencies. The recent ministerial expansion expanded the number of applicants who were reviewing bids.

But the program is not criticized. In the spring, some parents saw a limited reduction in taxes when some tax day providers raised before entering the regional program. Some care users spoke out the day, saying they would take control over their businesses.

Vancouver's day care client, Shannon Shearer, said she did not get her. paid a tax reduction in December two weeks late because she was not aware that there would be a delay in changing the age age of its facility.

Missing $ 6,000 on December 1, she was worried that she did not; She can pay her staff before Christmas. She said that staff ministry suggested that she would give her parents the full rate for her; pay a month and then pay it back when the late payment came.

"I could not do that right with the families right before the holidays came," she said. "I've been running day care for 10 years and I had never had a problem with previous payment. The lack of ministry support had been very painful."

Two other childcare providers sent to Postmedia about payment delays, saying they had no uncertain information about the appeals process with ministerial staff, and as a result there was a delay that made it difficult for them to work.

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