A trapped driver was saved after a road crash dropped down a polar light


Driver was dropped to the hospital after SUV hit a lightweight pipe in Burnaby on Sunday night, and went to rescue. including written messages on a whiteboard, cell phone and Life Scenes.

The accident happened on the Canadian Way route near Avenue Sperling about 9:14 p.m. PT.

Firefighters found that the driver was injured inside the SUV, but initially unable to respond to; covered with the vehicle because the live wire had fallen down in the crash.

"The driving device that came down to the ground had been entering the car … [so] We needed to consider living, "said Dave Younger's Chief Fire Brigade on Monday morning.

Chief Executive Fire Brigade, David Young, pictured at another call in March 2017. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza / CBC)

With the windows rolled up, fire teams had no way to communicate with the driver – so they would have an idea.

"One of the people got a white record and wrote down a phone number and showed him the number … I think he found his phone in the car and sent us a phone," said Young.

The driver explained that he had been injured and talked to firefighters on his phone until CC dropped off a Hydro team; power.

After that, the Jaws of Life fire teams used to get the driver.

He was taken to hospital on a spinal board, but he did not know what level he was wounded.

With files from Yvette Brend

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