A Ukrainian sailor arrested in Crimea gave a note to his relatives


News of Ukraine: Lawyer's lawyer was arrested in Crimea who did not defeat Sergey Tsybizov, but they were arrested to pay evidence.

There was a military sailor of Ukraine, Sergei Tsybizov, who was arrested in the Crimea, giving his relatives a note through lawyer Oksana Zheleznyak.

Reports about "Crimea of ​​Real". "I'm right. Do not worry. I like everyone, kisses!", Wrote the 21-year-old sailor in a note.

Note by Tsybizov, ru.krymr.com

Zheleznyak lawyer said that Tsybizov "was not hit, but according to psychotherapy to give evidence." After the test, it should be expressed. Sergey Tsybizov, who was criticized by published lists of seized sailors, was a sailor on Nikopol's steam.

It was ruled by a "court" of the Russian Federation arrested 12 Ukrainian sailors

As stated, in Simferopol, the "court" were the residents arrested 15 Ukrainian citizens.

Recalling November 25, the Russian military embarked on the capture of the High Court fleet lines in the Kerich Strait. Russian rushes followed 24 sailors from Ukraine, including wounded.

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