A university & Shocked Hospital, a distance from a Chinese scientist who says he has changed a DNA of two friends


(Bloomberg) – A Chinese scientist objected to complaints on bids made by the genetics of two new girls who believe they have a history of when the water is in a position; situation.

Jiankui, a researcher in the Shenzhen Chinese city, said he had changed a pair of couple girls' couples while they were going to try to make infants against a disease with her; virus causing AIDS.

It is, which is unknown in a genetics that extends beyond the boundaries of ethical lines; scientific community, data maker; The project is public at an international genetics conference in Hong Kong, according to a representative. Before he even exhibits proof of the results, he tells of his university, other scientists, and even a government official, who said there was any generation for unlawful surplus causes. "I understand that my work is controversial, but I believe that the families of this technology need, and I am willing to criticize them," he said in a video on November 25 on YouTube.

The scientist, a football fan in the mid-thirty years who did not respond to applications for a technology, called Crispr, used a device that has now been widely used for genealogy change in research. He worked almost alone. His research team seems to include one other full-ability scientist, Qin Jinzhou psychologist, who made the gene laptop and in-vitro product , according to YouTube video.

"We believe that my folklore is on our historical side," he said in another video set out by ScienceNet.cn, a publication of China Science Daily supported by the Academy of Chinese Sciences.

It is based in China, at the University of Southern Science and Technology, or SUSTC, in Shenzhen, but has graduated and postgraduate training in the US. He received a Ph.D. at the Rice University in Houston, he studied further at Stanford University in California from 2011 to 2012 before returning to China, according to his life-feed page on the SUSTC website.

There is not much to appear in a & # 39; His background information would be a dispute for a human test first. It was a lot of theoretical work in the US that was largely theoretical and it was Focusing on biological and numerical genomics, according to published papers and US researcher. who worked with him in the past. Computing genomics incorporates the use of powerful computing devices to monitor a large amount of DNA colors, often away from clinical medicine.

One of his first academic papers on Crispr was published in 2010 with a physics magazine and focusing on a theory model on how bacteria may occur. use genes to protect themselves. In Stanford's post-doctoral work, his research was removed from human specification and focused on numerical genomics, according to the researcher, who said it was so clear, ambitious , outdoors and entrepreneurial.

The University of Science and Technology of Technology in its website statement said "Hey" had news about He's actions and that the researcher had been on unpaid leave from February. He did not give details of the reason for the leave.

Harmonicare Medical Holdings Ltd., a Hong Kong registered director at the Shenzhen hospital said he did not get permission from, said he did not participate in any clinical test related to genetic infants and did not the children are delivered there. A group of 122 Chinese scientists publishes a shared statement telling how he made "senselessness" and asked the government to regulate their work.

Chinese officials on Tuesday stressed China's press release on the use of genealogy for breach causes in 2003. It is unclear what penalties that researchers can run away from the rules. The National Health Commission also asked regional authorities to investigate their claim.

It is a gine surgery and should still be a technology for medicine. IQ is not going to be developing an eQ; hair or color of the eye that makes a parent parent. That should be banned

It rises to China's visibility of simple and simple simple and simple generation of direct Genomics generation, based in Shenzhen. Sina.com, a Chinese press release, was set up in April. Direct Genomics received 218 million yuan ($ 31 million) in revenue capital funding in that month.

Last year, he got a place in China's renowned Thousand Talents program – the government scheme to restore researchers from abroad with research grants and resources. Interviews and images that have been published in the last media in the local media show an unusual scientist to add biology only in the # 39; fourth year of his university.

1127 na gene explainer University of Shocked, a hospital away from a Chinese scientist who says he has changed a DNA of two sheep

In the picture 9th of October 2018, Qin Jinzhou looks through a long microscope lens & # 39; He works at a Shenzhen laboratory in southern Guangdong.

In the videos on YouTube, he describes what should be in the technology philosophy, and including using "only for serious illness, without being invalid" and "genera does not explain to you."

Gene generation "means only a small proportion of families. For a few children, early gene presence may be the only means available to cure a generous and preventive disease on life of suffering. We hope to add mercy to them, "he said in one of the YouTube videos.

The videos show a person who loves, clean, & # 39; explains how he wanted to help families with HIV stigma. He used the non-medical use of generating tools, saying that these practices should be hindered as they are in the US and other countries.

"Their parents do not want a child's designer, just a child who can not get cured disease now prevents," he said. "It's a gine surgery and it should be a technology for cure. It's not to develop an IQ of the hair or color of the eye that makes a parent parent. That is banned. "

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