"A vaccine prevents the death of 3 million people annually"


A week after the ongoing national campaign against the crushed and rubella boundary, Gisela Barreto, an old model, repeated controversial statements against vaccines. "It's a vaccine that's a part of destroying the whole population", Barreto commented on the television program, asking his audience to explore the internet "Serious Impacts Given Their Vaccination".

"They're trying to get rid of us. They will appear and show us how to save us and save it. However, in the program we're going to show tell you how they are part of our death ", said the previous model, which showed that "HPV is one of the vaccines that are very toxic." Quickly, the experts said the importance of what an application is; A vaccine against HPV, a virus that causes cancer in the rent of the uterus and 1,800 deaths of women in our country.

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The thing that caused a & # 39; Most worries that Barreto argued his statements with support from Dr. Chinca Brandolino, a doctor who was the leader of the move "but both life." "Vaccine is immunized and gives autism. One can hear everything that the vaccines are doing and are scared. A green- Doctors, according to the doctor, are in charge. Children are attacked by health officers ", the media added.

These words are embedded in central government initiatives so that the panels are performed. From Argentine's Bananas and Epidemiology (SAVE), they repeatedly focused on vaccines and said they were preventing 3 million deaths a year, with 2.5 million children. "They make up, together with water cleansing, the most effective way to improve human health and raise life expectancy", Write them in their Twitter account.

In addition, they found one week after the end of the ongoing national anti-measles and rubella campaigns, 750,000 children talk to the size of folders. In this context, they stressed that it is not a vaccine; in a vaccine, since then "You protect yourself and the people around you".

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