A. Valantine: The year-long trust in the courts was destroyed in a second


"Daily issue" – Advocate Evaldas Pašilis, Head of Special Research Service Žydrūnas Bartkus and Chairman of the Council of Judge Algimantas Valantinas.

– I will first put on the head of the TT, or the Advocate, to show the general features of the investigation, to indicate: how that scheme was look?

E.Pasil: It may be a trading system, but we have to pay attention to its & # 39; think it is innocent. We can not say that the judges are already guilty today, and that they would not like to show such a case with loud words so that we have our results. This is a huge blow to the judges. I think the lessons for each institution – and for patients – we need to work honestly for everyone.

– How far is the survey now? When can he go to court?

Ž.Bartkus: On Wednesday, only the first public issues were made. As you mentioned, around 100 research was carried out, 26 were held, including the ones under the control of protection: judges and lawyers. The search of the search results today would be quick, but it is definitely the intention of the test to be done; reach as fast as possible as possible.

– The only thing about it, but just recently – last July – recorded the highest degree of confidence in the public in judges of all ages: they even believed 49 per cent. study. How will this scandal respond to that confidence, Valantina?

A. Valantin: Time tells. I let me smile, although the situation is totally unhappy and our system has been tough. The trust has grown year after year and has been destroyed in second. I am afraid that something has happened on Wednesday, but I want to encourage and encourage those judges that are not thought: we need to focus on all the work we have done, but unfortunately our areas have lost a lot.

– It seems likely to have more suspicion, or so, E.Pasili?

E.Pasil: Indeed, it is not possible to say suddenly that the pre-test research boundaries are already defined. Research can expand, there may be more suspicion. On Wednesday, it was announced that a group of five prosecutions had been established, and three of the prosecutions were given to the Finance Office. Two procurators come from the Area Center's Office – they will organize and control this research.

– If the media do not lie – it seems like they did not sleep – it's likely that Druskininkai's Supervisor Malinauskas will be among those who are happy to learn. As long as I know, I have been asked to & # 39; Central Election Commission eliminates its protection status because it participates in the home elections and is it.

Ž.Bartkus: And, on Wednesday, we gave everyone to the public, R.Malinauskas will go to; go to that list. I have already mentioned that there is no stop on self-defense. This is essential for other process steps. But that does not mean that the person is guilty of a trial.

– Not only the scale and actors of the criminal work that have been revealed, but also the forces for the investigation: over 100 officers and the procurator from the STT have participated in the proceedings. Are these armies special?

Ž.Bartkus: There is no doubt that there is a special force. This is the largest work in the history of the Special Research Service. You have listed a list of STT officers, other law enforcement officers, prosecutors. I would also like to announce the judges, because there has been a long study of prescribed activities, so that this survey has been very successful and successful in completing this survey; passing the secret and so we have achieved such a Wednesday.

– A. Valantina, no, to knowledge, whether it is about possible criminal activities to be related, or are those who are suspected of any criminal work that may be be there, except because they have been subject to criminal influence?

A. Valantin: You are very aware that this is my opinion, and I never lost my opinion. I am a judge, so I can only give my opinion on facts, and today I do not know those facts, but I really enjoy other locations without to & # 39; talk very much about the great network that was organized.

It may be, & # 39; It may have been different, and there may be remote issues, something may have been collected. In any case, everything is very dangerous today. I want to emphasize that it is a large community in judges with many honest people, so the message should be sent to those judges who are going to be. doing the job. As the STT leader commented slightly, the investigation could not happen to the judges.

– Ž.Bartkau, can I re-guide it to its question – is it a true criminal group? A network of judges and pollute lawyer, or have information about individual crimes?

Ž.Bartkus: Your question is about information about the research. They get a bit early. I can only say that today it would be difficult to think that anyone from the street could go and offer a bribe to a judge. Still, we live in a country that is very democratic and does not; happening.

Yes, there are secret communications that may lead to pollution agreements. However, not just a lawsuit center in a STT – we're really sorry. inviting all centers to create pollution testing environment. For example, we have over 700 of our judges, and on Wednesday we only talk about eight, we could be assistants for the courts and courts, sit down at the table and find out where the mistakes have been made, the previous risks are not seen and what we can do . to work together so that the future judiciary can identify early risks and take action to avoid them.

– Named Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic, the relevant rules on Wednesday. According to the Constitution, it can only be done by the Seimas not the President between the Seimas sessions. E. Pasashi, is it just a decision to apply for such permission only after parliamentarians sing today yesterday, and # 39; closing the session, until the president would make the decision?

E.Pasil: Co-operation is real. I have already mentioned that each case has its own time when it is realized. On Wednesday, there was sufficient data to hold such actions – suspicion and suspicion – but if we look at the High Court case law, we can see that the crime information investigation can not continue for a long time, without to prevent new criminal activities.

Another thing – if we have to be ready, I did not have it; We can talk about today's products without proof. So, I can not say that we can choose one or another month by our own wishes when we would like to do such a thing.

– I received myself in the media in 2014 In August, a report by Judge Victor Kažys, who is nowadays mentioned among those suspected of crime, was reported, how to & # 39; gives freedom to one of the largest drug birds in Vilnius. Can I accept it from 2014 onwards and this work, which was crowned by the Wednesday news on complaints of suspicion and arrest began?

Ž.Bartkus: On Wednesday, we agree that we do not talk about the time of the search and the beginning of the research. You should understand that time should be identified to allow you to determine the type of crime crime that comes to the time – not, and that would adversely affect the research methods.

– But if I am well aware, we do not. talk about half a year, year or month? Anyway, can you say that?

Ž.Bartkus: You will ask the same question.

– A. Valantina, I understand that you started on the # 39; Lead Advisory Council but this November, and it may be difficult to talk about a general moral environment in the Council among the judges when you were just a member of the community, but it is difficult to & # 39; Thinking that it is difficult to think in a country like Lithuania, sometimes referred to as a "glacier republic", there would be no language and no "100,000 euro" plus "one" or "one" or "unidentified". Was it a huge storm from the clear air, or could it be convinced?

A. Valantin: I'm not working for the law enforcement for the first time, as you say about the storm storm from the sky clearly … But the language does not work for me. I say to everyone exactly and amazingly: not a case in his / her; court should collect languages ​​and draw any conclusions. I left co-chomunn – director of STT.

And as a result of Wednesday, if there are certain facts, these facts are carefully checked and that that test will improve what is being done. developed. I have never listened to speeches. You are aware that there are two sides of the case, and the missing side says that the judge may have been bought. Is there a language to answer here? I think we have enough machinery in our country to control our property conditions, and if the reliable information is available, it can check it out.

– A. Valantina, what judges, judges' community, should do to ensure that the confidence in justice in Lithuania does not change significantly? To avoid loss of confidence in the state of Lithuania?

A. Valantin: This is not just a matter for the community of judges. I can say that judges are losing, horrified, and they can be all so beautiful. But really there is a problem across the state here and we must all focus. I can only say from the community of judges that today's people will do the job carefully and honestly. And to those co-workers that are held today.

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