A Vancouver cross-referee receives complaints about human rights


A Vancouver cross advocate has won at the B.C. The Human Rights Tribunal complained against a self-identified Christian activist who has included leaflets criticizing his hybrid image.

Morgane Oger launched the complaint against William Whatcott in 2017. Oger was running as a NDP candidate in the Vancouver-False Creek rode.

In conclusion, a judicial panel said that Whatcott had created a campaign campaign aimed at Oger just because he was an hybrid woman and so it was not suitable. consider itself to hold a public appointment.

It would appear that the petals show Oger's birth name and an old photograph. He has relied on her hybrid identity, using unpleasant and graphic language.

'Sniping'; stable

Oger was told CBCan On the Coast guests in Gloria Macarenko it had been a difficult but difficult process.

“This has been two years of fighting details, talking swiftly, and the other side regularly arresting me not only through the tribunal but in social media. and in videos also, " t Oger said the priest.

"[It was] awful. "

The letter also raised concerns about "the encouragement and growth of homosexuality and hybridization in British Columbia and how it unbelievably connects the species we have delivered over God."

Whatcott distributed his sheet – nearly 1,500 copies – of street corners, typing them into doors, and grouping them into boxes of Oger riding. He also put the booklet online, and said that up to 10,000 people had proofed the leaflet.

Oger lost the election.

Unreasonable behavior;

In a decision released on Wednesday, the tribunal found a Whatcott public statement about him inappropriately and disrupting the CB. The Human Rights Code.

“A reasonable person, bearing in mind the context and circumstances, would indicate that the leaflet is less likely to have revealed that Ms Oger and hybrids have found out about the probability and confusion based on the same. get to know their character, ”write the panel.

“It drew on the most uncertain images and legends about hybrids and asked voters to decide that Ms. Oger, according to the monetary union, is unsuitable for a public appointment.

He also noted Whatcott who was involved in inappropriate behavior during the course of the complaint. He used a t-shirt to forget Oger's identity during the hearing, and promoted her as a male during the departure, even when the tribunal ordered .

The tribunal ordered that Whatcott pay $ 35,000 to Oger for injury to his honor, and a further $ 20,000 for transportation costs inappropriate.

CBC could not reach Whatcott for ideas.

Morgane Oger complained about human rights against William Whatcott in 2017 following the issue of leaflets that gave a bad opinion about Oger's identity as a transmitter woman. 8:03
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