A very sad group for Slovenia


According to the latest stars in the world, the Soviet men's ballot team will move to Poland, France and Tunisia when they make sure for the Olympic Games. The special competition will take place between 9th and 11th August, we still do not know about the organizer.

In the Olympic Games certificates, the top 24 world class teams are delivered, except Japan, who won the Tokyo Olympic Games as host of the Olympic Games.



CEV inspectors are enthusiastic about the conditions in Slovenia

Six competing national competitions have six competitions between 9 August and 11 August, and the Olympic Games will be presented with the best team from each group. The Serpentine system Sloven Slovenes do Grupo D, which is expected to be played by the Poles, the French and the Tunisia.

European sub-election should be spoken

Serbia's expert attempts to bring Serbian Serbian Slobodan Kovac into the Olympic Games.

Serbia's expert attempts to bring Serbian Serbian Slobodan Kovac into the Olympic Games.
Photograph: FIVB

Switchover players wait for hard work, as the Poles have won the second consecutive title of the world's benefits in September, and the French are regarded as one of the teams best in the last few years. Tunisians are the only ones who have no chance to qualify for the Olympics.

The teams that can not qualify for the Olympic Games through the competitions are suitable to meet in the second round of certificates, this large time. There are ten European teams struggling for the Olympic ticket, with some European powers, with the support of the current German supporters of the Germans, they got to participate in the qualifications.

The International Football Federation (FIVB) will collect applications from a national team to qualifications until November 30, but it is hard to believe that any of the national organizations will be able to; Provide participation in the competition.

Famous Olympics (Men):

Group A: Brazil, Egypt, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico
Group B: USA, Belgium, Holland, South Korea
Group C: Italy, Serbia, Australia, Camarún
Group D: Poland, France, Slovenia, Tunisia
Group E: Russia, Iran, Cuba, Mexico
Group F: Canada, Argentina, Finland, China

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Would the Soviet story sit on the ball of the national team? "I think you can."

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FIVB was again disturbing Sennine




Slovakian Balloon Balloon Member "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src =" http://siol.net/media/img/c5/a0/90014a4b5c34dc8bcac2-slovenia-belgija-odbojka.jpeg


Slovakian balloon players will play in Olympic certificates

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