A virus for Android phones was downloaded from Argentina


Trend Micro security company said that the Mobstspy virus, which is present in six disease applications and which is capable of stealing from an Android phone space to text messaging, has been downloaded over a hundred times in a & # 39; Portrait, even from La Argentina, before being found by Google.

At the same time, Trend Micro appeared, although the Mobstspy spyware virus (also known as Androidos_Mobstspy) was detected and removed in the Google database for Android devices in 2018, it can still wait on the computers where it was installed.

That's why the cybersecurity experts who respond to these fogboards are not; using applications, some video games, which are the Flappy Birr Dogs, FlashLight, HZPermis Pro Arabe, Win7imulator, Win7 Launcher and Flappy Bird.

If so, it does not need to be installed in the Android device configuration menu, which will be repeated in antivirus antivirus mobile Android.

We know that the malware has dropped in 196 countries and, possibly, the source, the largest number of diseases, the sea in India, and the nightlife.

Argentina appears in the long list of countries in which people are living. suffer the computer attack.

You want to & # 39; virus to capture SMS texts, geographical images of the mobile phone and the capture portraits.

Once this has been done, the cyclists of the cyber pirates have organized an order so that social networking networks such as Facebook and Google could be found in the capture devices, where the requests and names of Cleansers ask smartphone owners, in technology called "fishing", which suffers the password through deceit.

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