A warm welcome to her & # 39; widow Justine Kendall to a man in the late


Justin Bull's famous cook widow said she does not think her husband would never "leave" herself and her son Felix, but her "awful time" means he could not see a way forward.

Justine Kendall made the sad comments of social media after her dead 14-year-old man was found in Huxton's restaurant in a bank near a Bronte beach in Sydney on Friday.

Bull, 46, had been a personal chef for Russell Crowe's film star, Billionaire James Packer and had cooked for the State of Origin NSW Blues last year under Brad Fittler.

Mr Packer was introduced to Australia Sunday and was spotted at Casino Casino site in Melbourne. Although he does not know why he has visited, it is acknowledged that his & # 39; His first trip to Australia in a year that was going to bury his friend, Mr Bull.

Ms Kendall gave a Sunday Instagram to open her husband's death.

"I'll do everything I do to make sure your memory lives with Lixy and is doing and knowing what we spoke so big, "she said.

"I believe you did not leave us alone. But in a bad situation you could not just see a clear path. I'm so sorry I can not help me to feel better, but I hope your mind is now relaxed and you're at peace. "

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Unfortunately, yesterday we have lost a clear light and today the world is feeling like a winding place in @juzzybull. Juz, you were a lively, funny, humorous, hard-working, generous, best friend and partner in life for almost 20 years, the most amazing father in Felix a b & # 39; he can hopefully, an amazing son, brother and loyalty of a friend. When Lixy was born, your love was quick and fierce. When you were traveling for work you would have to. awaken at any time of the night where you were to make sure you could have FaceTime everyday every day, twice daily, failed. You did not want to miss out something. You're the most amazing and funny father and Lixy made you an idol. You're the best of a companion, and you are his hero. I am so proud of your successful business. It was the ultimate goal; We have created a local resource that brings together our community through good food love – Great influence on love and support from customers and from the community has been amazing and swept away by everyone. And your loyal staff, we've got together together and we've opened the café today for a celebration of your life. He believed today and if you saw you, you would. understand how beautiful you were with so much. And we will not forget your talents. The kitchens in the kitchen are what people know. Here we met first when you came to a cook for me all the years ago. But many people may not know your musical talent. Writing and singing songs of your other passion. When you were on the stage, the most happy ones I've ever seen. You had ordered the room, it was so appealing and sexy. It's been so good to see that you are doing it; Get your guitar and get back to the songwriting of the past few months. We are so sad and destroyed and growing. I can not believe that I will never see you again. I'll continue to & # 39; expect you to come down the stairs or you will hear your infectious laughter and shingle from the top of the mountain. I know that my heart will never be cured, the weakness you leave is good for filling. We were our souls and longs, and while we were so different, we were only on our side. this love we continued with no matter how proved.

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Ms Kendall said she hoped her husband was "bent back … with rocky tunes, red wine and cigar inside".

"I love you to her moon and back. Felix says he'll look up for you as a shooting star."

In the instagram situation there was a picture of Mr Bull and the son of her smile and her. laughing as long as they were & # 39; sailing.

In another role, Mr Bull praised his "enthusiastic, funny, hard-working, hard-working, enthusiastic, talented, talented, hard-working, best friend and partner in life for almost 20 years."

She talked about how they met when Mr Tar came to her chef and the business they built together. She also praised her most distinguished talents as his love of music and achievement.

For Felix's six-year-old son, she wrote, it was a "hero".

"When you were traveling for work … how long you were sure you would make FaceTime every day, twice a day, without failing.

"You did not want to miss out something. You're the most amazing and funny father and Lixy made you an idol.

"We are so sad and weird and we are still in fish. I can not believe that I will never see you."

As an emergency release of death, he will Introducing messages brought from sad, sad and unhappy friends.

The television host, David Campbell, was lamenting her & her; best friend … I thought we would Talk about our children over coffee when we were very young … I love you a brother ".

Reporter of the seven Jessica Ridley network on Twitter wrote about how Bull "had recently been exposed to his war with depression and was seeking help."

Nine Honey's Shelly Horton posted on Instagram about Big Bull's delight, "wonderful stories and indeed his amazing food".

Mr Bull is not the death of his famous chef.

Famous chefs Jeremy Strode and Darren Simpson in 2017, like Nitai Gordon, a young chef in the Bennelong restaurant, made his own life, apparently, out of his & # 39 ; blue.

Last year, one of the most famous names in the world died in a food meal, Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain was found dead on June 8, 2018, when it was obvious that he was killed in the French hotel room while working on his CNN television series, Parts without knowledgeSouth Westerly

For support and information contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Over Blue on 1300 22 4636.

-Anonymous statement by Candace Sutton and Emma Reynolds.

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