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Martins Zyberts, John Nashpor, Mattis Rozlaps, and Alen Eldmane's training team again went to their first successful tour, and won four benefits in seven after-year-old Games. New. He won five games at the top, but 0-2 against Euroleague Four refused Kursk and Chopron to exceed the fourth.

"Fenerbahce" won the Basket Basket extension with 94:92, so the three teams finished the balance. "Sopron Basket", because it is best to complain between lost and lost points in the # 39; game, the second one (2-2, +15, the third "Fenerbahce" (2-2, +1) and Web fourth (2-2, -16).

In the playoffs, and UGMK are their favorite. The first game in the series will be up to two winks on 5 March in Yekaterinburg, the second game on 8 March in Riga. If necessary, the third game will be played on March 13.

The top five

Web: Pedija, Pulvere, Bashko, Vitola, Brumermane
Sopron: Borders, Fagivernek, Crvendaki, Dupri, Zahui

Wednesday saw a record in the seasonal tour to Riga – the buyers bought all seats available. For Chopron fans, an additional division was created behind the team team. The Elektrum Olympics was strengthened by the Euroleague position worthy of qualification. It's worth the teams, a & # 39; shows a strong, aggressive and very productive basketball in the first season. In ten minutes, 57 points were saved.

The two rules of the team were set to the seventh minute. Kendis Dupri and the Spanish Spatial Flag of Kerala Cashier defended two or did not play one-off at the end of the attack. The Rangers responded to the Bashko Guntis attacks, at the base of Aija Brumerman's Basketball Basket and at the movement of violence Kristīne Vitola on her; Anti-Semitic Square. The product grew steadfastly, but a quarter of the signs entered by Dupri's second pip was the last one – 27:30.

The number of mistakes and misleading shots was increased in the next quarter. Karlīne Pilābere fought successfully against Zahui, Aija Brumermane was in a position; and Bernadet Hataru has been expanding 208 centimeters in a number of instances, but there was no dispute in the face of a huge defender of defenders and invaders. For a minute he held one hunt, but some misunderstandings were punished by points lost in defense. Attention was at the necessary level, accuracy was left behind – in the second ten minutes, just 1 out of 6 soldiers who were in attendance; throwing free (7/9 in the first season). The self-sacrifice opportunities have become the biggest decisions – 38:48.

Runners run up, & # 39; leading up at the end of the attacks by long players. Aija Brumermane and Kristīne Vitola were successful, but Amanda Zahui was in the Chopron games. The series doubled two bundle two-dimensional duplex points: 40:51 and 42:53. Webbird gamers continued to fight and won a prize for their efforts in the # 39; a moment 26th Roberto Injuess, a Pretoria coach, received a technical note. Achieving the deceased, but Kristin Vitola cast three points at 50:55 in the next attack. The laird responded a long time, but Brumermane gave the third note to Zahui and the second time in his quarters he put two points up with a penalty 53:58.

The cold blood acids continue to burn outdoors – 53:61. Kate Kesslins was cared for, but WNBA player was able to use up to one second freedom – 53:64. Left the next attack Chopron Kerala Kasas from the left corner, allowing the Trackers to go for a minute break – 53:67. The lords hit every five long speeds in ten minutes. Half an hour ended with a more hopeful note. Shia Pedia raised a 56:67 three-post button one second by the end of the third season.

Tension lasted Mārtiņš Zībarts received a technical note, but Riga's people stayed in the game. Kate Kreslins broke out twice a long time, restoring illness – 66:73. In the last few minutes, the points fell slowly. After the technical note had been altered, the landlords at Terni Square allowed to enter more and more, but the result was not changed – 68:74. At the beginning of his forty-two minutes, Krēsliņš delayed the painting by Duprī and received a fourth note. American first hit first episode – 68:75. The next WW attack was unsuccessful, and at the beginning of the last minute of the time, the ball returned to the guests. The attack ended without any point, but 31 seconds before the whistle finally, the servant threw both the free throw – 68:77.

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