A woman died, she is believed to have been poisoned because she has a unique water; leaving water News


This morning, 19.11, translated by reporter newspaper Thanh NienMr Nguyen Dinh Trung, Secretary of the Ky Tan Commune Party Committee, said that Ky Anh District, Ha Tinh, in the area just happened as a cause of drinking water poisoning from strange pages in the garden, caused one death, an essential .

According to the original information, on 15.11, Mr Hoang Xuan Thinh and his wife Phan Thi Hoa (aged 57, living in the small town of Xuan Duc, Ky Ky and # 39 ; tenant, district of Ky Anh) suffering from signs of poisoning such as abdominal pain, departure, departure.

Mr Thinh and Ms Hoa were transferred to Ky Tan Commune Health Station. Due to heavy pressure, Thinh and his wife were transferred to Ky anh General Hospital (Ha Tinh) for further treatment.

On November 17th, doctors from Ky Anh Thinh General Hospital and his wife moved to Hue Central Hospital (Thua Thien Hue province) for further treatment. However, on November 18, Ms Hoa died and Mr Thinh was still in a difficult situation.

"Thinh and his wife are expected to be poisoned by strange tree leaves that were planted in the yard to make water. This tree was taken from the south side with the Thinh, locals do not know what There is a tree, "said Secretary of the Party, Ky Tan.

According to Trung, there are strange trees in the family of wine, leaving like peanuts, yellow flowers. Amazingly, the family said, this Thinh wife has built this page for drinking water cooking but nothing.

According to information from the General Hospital of the Kyun district, on the afternoon of 16.11, the reception of hospital hospital Thinh in hospital with abdominal pain, removal, and removal symptoms. Doctors inspected, performed clinical trials and considered a Thinh woman with severe disease, poisoning of a disease. Since the two marriages were poisoned, the hospital moved to the patient to a high degree.

Given the doctor, the patient's family said that the long-haired wife of Thinh had to collect garden leaves in the water but they do not know the name to cure a high blood pressure. The hospital is unclear what kind of leaves.

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