A woman dies after he has been injured and exposed


A mystery policing event was launched on Saturday after a neighbor from La Pintana found a woman wounded in the middle of the public route, especially on Fresia Street.

The commissioner Angel Jaque, from the PDI Handwriting Group, explained that they would investigate the identity of the person, because he had no documents, but as he said that a woman aged 36 to 44 years old, Age 39

He was a neighbor to the place that went into her garden and asked for help, but her wife died at about 8:00 p.m. despite the efforts.

The only thing he got out before he died "they were attacking me," according to one evidence.

A woman with serious injuries was found on her body, and he thinks she has been taken her from her after being on the road.

The Research Police, PDI, will be investigated to find the person responsible for the crime.

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