A woman dies after he has gone away from a traveling boat after a fight named by the man


This booklet is presented by the Princess Royal and her. Princess Cruises, the Royal Port will leave a port on June 9, 2013 in Southampton, England. (Phill Jackson / Royal Princess & Princess Cruises through Getty Images)

It is said that an American woman who died after collapsing from a large Caribbean killer boat's record in a violent fight with a man in advance.

However, despite her saying that she has been a witness to her husband, she is not suspicious, as the Daily Mail is saying.

According to Aruba Diario newspaper, it was said that the female passengers, 52, had a Caribbean trip. Princess Royal, struggled with a man who was in a position; tired.

Then other travelers saw it thrown over the railway on the 16th deck of the ship. She came down on a nine storey rescue boat below.

It was a wonderful situation; as an eye watcher that one of the woman's legs was destroyed when she collapsed.

Traveler Logan Tignor saw his death and told in your CBS News, "It's surreal and I'm quite illegal. I would never have expected it to happen on holiday."

Another unnamed observer said, "We can literally see the lifeboat from our room. Blood and broken glass throughout it."

The victim, who is also an American, has been removed from the boat by Aruban analysts on Tuesday morning and the FBI also recites the case.

A self-surgery report is awaited but is dealt with with the # 39; unnatural death.

The names of her and her husband's and her husband are not released.

No arrest was stopped.

But one traveler has said, "There were two travelers who were in a series in that night. The motions are often on board. Everyone woke at 4:30 a.m. with a security warning with his captain. "

Princess Cruises said in a statement, "The Prince of the World can prove that a woman's guest had lost 52 years ago from Americans tomorrow's morning to Prince Elizabeth because the ship was on way to Aruba.
South Westerly
"The local authorities who met and boarded the boat were told when they arrived. The cause of their death is still unknown at this time.

"We're really sorry for this event and we offer our family and those affected by our real dedication."

However, it is just the biggest turmoil in a tour boat because there are many events; recent disturbance of sea.

Kristy Manzanares, 39, had a family holiday with her 17-year-old husband and the three daughters between the ages of 13 and 22 when she was found dead in her cottage.

As Radar said, the FBI stopped Kenneth for killing, an offense that made a promise to the Emerald travel vessel as Kristy believed "to be laughing at him."

It is expected that Kenneth will be tested next year.

It has also been a quern of accidents, murder, and banging accidents on touring ships.

A woman aboard the Carnival Cruise Line's ship that she died when she fell from the balcony of Kaban earlier this year.

The ship traveled a four-day trip from Jacksonville, Florida, to the Bahamas.

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