A woman dies for amoeba eating in the brain


A 69-year-old woman died after holding a contract amoeba thigcerebros when you use it water of the key to cure against sinusitis Seattle, The Washington.

According to the published in the International Journal of Disease Diseases, an American woman suffered a trap of sinusitis that was handled with water Cold was inserted into the nose through rhinocornium twice a day.

But the woman did not fill the machine with it water Saline was not sterile, but used it water of the key broadcast, which caused problems that started with a kick on the right side of the nose.

Doctors who had medication were ordered, but nothing less; Shortly after, a woman who suffered a blow blow and after the exams, the CT survey showed us incredible in her brain.

A woman went into the working room to remove the damaged site, however, the paralysis developer developed in one arm and one leg, shortly after the A biopsy shows that he had a disease with amoeba in the brain.

The health of the woman survived until the family decided to withdraw life support. During the necropsy it was confirmed that Balamuthia Mandrillaris, a amoeba which baits on a brain-brain device, cause its death prematurely.

Due to this incredible event, experts from around the world have been trying to go to, Demonstrates that the use of rhinocornium is healthy, and that the vessel that should be used should be marked by the experts.

With information from RT.

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