a woman dies in a cloth bottle


At the age of 30, the victim was linked by a brochure closing system and was found by a local resident, Sunday, Bouxwiller.

A woman died 30 years after the Sabbath after being stopped in rubbish bend in Bouxwiller, Bas-Rhin, fire activists said.

The victim was found at 15:30 "washed in a cloth bin, a paddle handle," said the fireman of Bas-Rhin in a statement, confirming the Latest News from Alsace (DNA).

Accepted by a closure system and wordbox. According to their newspaper, this mother was tied to "with a" closing system "after trying to" get back "in a bowl of clothing collection to use ". "It could not be revived despite the rapid intervention of aid," said fire activists.

The gendarmes are the responsibility of the research. A local relief gave a woman a relief to see a woman by throwing bottles nearby, according to DNA. The search of Bouxwiller is the responsibility of the research.

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