A woman dies with visceral leishmaniasis in Araçatuba São José do Rio Preto and Araçatuba


A 29-year-old woman had died with visceral leishmaniasis in Araçatuba (SP). According to the Department of Health, the death was on Friday (23), but only for Tuesday (27).

The victim suffered in his / her; Jardim community for Trevo. This year, there are three deaths and 13 cases of the disease in the town. Last year there were two deaths and nine sick people.

Visceral leishmaniasis is an infectious disease that causes long-term fever, aegis greater and stomach, weight loss and anemia. It is broadcast by mosquito strawberry.

The mosquistos are small and have yellow-colored or straw features and, in a relaxed setting, their wings are indoors and are open.

Dissemination occurs when women with disease have a disease. dogs or other animals that are infected, and then commit the person, and give the protozoan.

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