A woman escapes trying to get rid of herself by throwing herself from the top of a metal structure


The place, street cross Carlos H. Perette and Antarctica Avenue Argentina in the Buenos Aires area Delays. The situation, drama: a woman was on the surface of a metal structure ten meters high committed to committing suicide. Up to that place, the victims of the Fire Brigade moved to Town after a call to 911 who gave notice to what was going on; happening.

While it was around the mobile structure of Neighborhood Police Station, 1 A of Police had been able to; Burgh from the area, staff from Station 4, Detachment Retreat and GER (Special Rescue Team) of Firefighters and town The woman is sitting and her feet hanging to the street.

At the same time, the agents were divided into two groups. The priority: to include victim and protection by ropes. At the same time, Other rescue burst workers in the lower part.

So in a fast move they were successful in & # 39; obtaining the security of the women, which was removed from oats with hydro-electric.

After the work, the 28-year-old was taken with a SAME surgery to Fern√°ndez Hospital with a diagnosis of psychiatric patients.

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