A woman is badly leaving gold, diamonds and pearls in a cloth donation bag


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Published Friday, January 4, 2019 11:45 EST

Last updated Friday, January 4, 2019 12:53 EST

HALIFAX – The Halifax woman who has given a long life collection of diamonds, diamonds and pearls is happy, hoping her jewelry will return.

Jean Lowe realized too late that her husband had a Ziploc bag of valuable gifts and family estates built in a sack of clothes ready when her pair was out of her; town.

The finances contained rows of pearls she received from her father, gold tennis bracelet, black earrings and amethyst and gold mill from a member of the family who died.

Lowe contacted Diabetes Canada, who built the clothes, and the Value Value sites where the bag could be completed.

The people she spoke have been willing to support them, but it is now a game waiting for a wonderful return to gather.

"I'm hopeful we'll return it but there is no reason for a serious reason for being optimistic. It's just, I'm thinking, lucky, is not it?" Lowe said Friday from her home in Halifax.

Value Village staff told Lowe that valuable items such as those that she explained would usually be taken to a manager to be made up and locked in a safe, but so far no One was said to find the jewelry.

Although the value is very important for some of the lost funds, Lowe does not think that his / her / Most of the items sold to a pen shop for their original price – the loss of the unstable estates is; in the biggest beat.

Some things, including emerald and diamond pendant, were particularly valuable, but Lowe said he did not. it can be afforded the price of its grandmother's magnificent pearls, for example.

"Sometimes it's true or not different, that's what it meant to you," she said.

The mistake was honest communication.

Lowe had resolved the sacks and did not think to do it; looking through her, and she did not know where she put the bag hiding, something that would make her care when they left the house for a long time.

"We believe now, indeed, but I did not think to ask him," she said.

The loss of so many memorable things has been causing. Lowe was hoping to bring her jewelry to her children and grandchildren one day, but she's a Trying to stay well and value other blessings to life.

"We are healthy and have a good life, so you have to think about those things."

– Le Holly McKenzie-Sutter in St John, N.L.

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