A woman over a couple of years who still looks young with a beautiful style; nevertheless


Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki

Song – This is one of the best and most popular showbiz concerts. When her husband is a "beautiful man of flowers", his wife is also a "pearl woman" of European piping, so even though her husband is 4 years old, less than the author Song Hye Kyo na Song Joong. No.

It's hard to see its & # 39; couple in public join together, but Song Hye Kyo is a "#; appears as a solution of skinless red skin, the beauty of young people although it is age 33. Even its daily style is more active and more diverse than ever. Song Joong Ki has forgotten his age over 4 years, but Song Hye Kyo is a " Looking younger than her husband, the two old ones are still pretty handsome in talent and color enough to understand why – The song of gold is always the heart of the fans.

Hari Won and Jincheng

At the showbiz, there are more couples in men. Song – Song is Hari Won and Chan Thanh. Hari Tran Thanh was over 2 years old but looked at her awfully new, Looking younger than her husband to a younger years.

A couple always have a & # 39; communicate with the same kind of uniform, street style or attendance at the event. If it is not the same, at least the same color, creating a spiritual connection between its & # 39; couple. This is also a very funny couple with "flabby" enough for each other to smile the fans.

Thar Thanh over 2 years of age just looking at her new, young, & look younger than her husband. It is a small word in nature, smile, natural, wise, natural to be; Helping Hari always entertaining, young people even when the waves of her husband's age.

A pair of bundles will appear together without a street style or event presence.

Run Me and Kelvin Khanh

My wife is 4 years old, but my wife is like a middle school girl and Kelvin Khanh is more senior than a married person. Both are just as unlucky with the Tran Thanh family with plenty of fun for laughter with their fans.

For many years of showbiz events, so far, Kho My still keeps the youth, face-to-face vision, & # 39; Feeling how time to forget about her 29 year old. Corp with a small face, happiness is always very tall at the bills … look like my high school girls, not as marital women.

Push Puttichai and Jooy Warutaya

If you have a Songbelt Song at the European showbiz, there's a couple in the Gold Pagoda in Push and Jooy has been full of support from the fans. He is the favorite diaphragm in Thailand, she is also a "queen of carnival" of Thai showbiz, her couple have just officially entered home before giving birth the fans.

Jooy is over 3 years old but there is no age gap between the beautiful beauty of Jooy's peaceful estate. A couple is with her husband, who looks at Jooy, a very new, new, older than her husband.

Showbiz Thai's "Queen of the Carnival" is always loyal to the peaceful natural nature completely different from the hot and hot warehouses of the Golden Temple. The face is rich, it does not have to be beautiful, the reason why "man's diary" hit the lightning push from the first encounter.

The Thai couple also joined a couple. There are no different ages that affect the couple.

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