A woman was found dead with a knife in her coffin in a bedroom in Rancagua


A 76-year-old woman was found dead with a chest knife Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Inside one of the bathrooms Full Patio Rancagua.

In the place of homeworkers Handicraft of the regional capital O & Higgins, Carabineros and the Public Ministry.

The police did recording in the vicinity and the vicinity of the nearby victim and will review the retail venue of the shopping center, to establish a third-party partnership or not.

An Procurator Jorge Mena He explained that "has been able to gather evidence, that is all worked with the Audit Police, through a Handicap and Crime Corporation. We have some history already, The but we can not give any decision, we must continue to work. "

At the same time, César Ortúzar, head of Rancagua Regional Hospital Emergency Unit, says "if she did it or did it, The we can not explain this, The as this is authenticated through the autopsy in the Legal Medical Service. I can only say that the patient came into poor secondary relationships to the result of a tight breach that had put her to death. "

In the evening, police officers finally stated that it was the situation self-kill, a decision that was cast after scientific work and a PDI doctor.

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