A woman who ordered Rengel to kill her & her; appear before the parliamentary board


STORIES, Ont. – A young woman who breaks her sweetheart is going to & # 39; killing a 14-year-old girl who saw her as a competitor for more than ten years ago, and appeared to the Parole Board of Canada today.

Melissa Todorovic was convicted in 2009 for the murder of Stefanie Rengel, a girl who never met her but became a focus on her.

Rengel had recently given a short date, David Bagshaw, years earlier and Todorovic was in danger of breaking up or preventing his breed if he had not been the last flame.

At the end he made his command, a & # 39; Rengel fought six hours and left him to die in a snowbank outside the house on New Year's Day, 2008.

Todorovic was sentenced in 2009 as an adult to imprison life and no chance to go to; Speaking for seven years, the highest adult sentence for a person. She challenged the rule but was held up with an appeal.

Bagshaw also serves an adult life sentence after being accused guilty of murder of the first step.

On hearing last year, the board talked to Todorovic three three-day absences without imprisonment from prison, saying that she had made progress in managing his feelings but needed She still works on her self-esteem and other issues.

Todorovic at the time she was expecting to use the absenteeism was to keep her at the moment. going after going after his sessions to be released in prison, and working with an employment adviser to see what she would do once she was released.

During that hearing, Todorovic said that the opposition against Rengel was surrounded by urgency and violence, as well as the desire to power over Bagshaw.

Todorovic also added to the panel that he was not He asked two others to kill at least two other people, and she was thinking of campaigns, and she said she had made an application similar to another, destroying her relationship.

Todorovic, who wanted years to say he did not believe that Bagshaw would be; going through the killing, he said she was now feeling a "monster" to tell him that he would do that.

She also said she did not want anything to do with Bagshaw now, despite a recent attempt he had reached.

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