A woman will be killed, a & # 39; breaking down and serving an old companion


For many years, a Moroccan woman living in Al Ain (United Arab Emirates) and her partner were happy. Then he told her that he now wants to marry another. And that, though it had been there for seven years.

Creutzfeldt-Jacob causes prisoners

Intricate protocols are in the main protein. If they reach human brain, the people of the body themselves can spend in a different domino effect, which causes the brain to brain.

The symbols include headache and memory problems, and after serious moments, personalization, paralysis and dementia changes. The disease continues to have more and more mistakes and finally the complete failure of all brain function.

In the last step, which lasts a long time, the ones who are in a position, affect them to stay in a kind of depth and can not contact the environment. So the ultimate patient is the name "The Dead Dead".

His previous partner was not willing and angry in the lost lost family.

Now the 39-year-old man is in court. It is alleged that she killed her old man first, and then she went to her. removing them without the machine and finally feeding the ruins for construction workers and dogs. This is in the form of Machbus, traditional food from the department, such as Thatational, and writing.

Tooth in coach

However, the police only exposed them months later – as the 39-year-old man had looked at his dentist from his emigrant in the coach. This was only found by the officers when they were looking at the statement now as the one needed. The DNA survey that was commissioned then made the last suspicion: The tooth was related to those who had been infected. search.

To answer the neighbors' information. Compared to Al Khaleej newspaper, they said they had spent some time before, for four consecutive nights, Seeing the hostage in a "stinking barbecue" that was like to come out of the woman's house.

It's not exactly how exactly the 39-year-old partner has killed. The fact is that she let "moment of madness", as Iflscience.com knows.

Human meat can be fatal

Not only does their case be sensitive to behavioral and legal, but also health – for two reasons: human meat is not very good, as James Cole of the Brighton University of 2017 in the "Scientific Reports" : Although there is only a human body around 150,000 Calories, at least one deer will give 163,000 calories.

In addition, there may be cannabis – to wear parts of a human body – which may be fatal. In addition to the dangers of diseases that are removed by blood or pathogens, there is also a danger called "protesters" (see box), which was also behind the disease of a BSE killed BSE , for the sake of Europe in crisis in the 1990s.

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