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A woman will be pregnant; first child with a uterus that was pulled away from the body

The woman would have passed different medical and intensive methods to be heavy.

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Many women are born without crotal as a result of hereditary disease. As the case was a woman 32 years in Brazil, who The first one to have a healthy baby was born by a & # 39; removal of uterus from a corpse in 2016.

The women had a full picture and usually made eggs, but she was born uterus. However, the money was a big mother he got ten hours work, where the doctors They tried to & # 39; going to repeat women's women (45) who had died due to a stroke.

After a long bar and including a high dose of defenses to avoid avoiding the uterus of your body. It spent seven months and the Doctors went on to bring one of their pregnant eggs before.

So, The girl with a girl caught her to a healthy daughter and the doctors followed the uterus that was transmitted so that it could stop its medication.

This successful replacement information was made in 2016 only Tuesday in the magazine "The Lancet".

It should be noted At this time 10 redesignments were made by donors who died and not all had been successful. However, this event was done by a Clinical medical equipment at Clínicas de Sao Paulo, considered their performance for the work help "broad adoption", like that more women have the opportunity to choose this type of repository.


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