A woman with two dams took twins in the month after giving birth to her first child


A woman in Bangladesh was born twelve months after her early birth, a boy, as her heroine told the BBC.

A 20-year-old Sultana Arifas was born at the end of February, but after 26 days she was suddenly admitted to another hospital with a sick illness.

Doctors found she was still pregnant in a pregnant twin uterus and caused an emergency case.

It was found to be healthy pairs. Sultana, who lives in a Bangladesh city, gave birth to her first child in the University Clinic in Kulna. Just 26 days later, he complained of stomach and was hurriedly moved to Andean Hospital in Jasore area on 21 March, said Dr Siala Podar, the gynecologist who carried out the bone work. According to some media, a couple were born on 22 March.

“When the patient was admitted we made a loud noise and discovered that he had pairs. We were amazed and amazed. I didn't see that before, ”said the doctor.

According to Podar, her young mother and her husband are "very poor" and the woman never "does best" before her first child was born.

"He had no idea that she was still with two babies. We made Cesarean, and brought a couple, a boy and a girl to the world".

After four days the 20-year-old mother was retired.

An gynecologist in Singapore explained that the cervical metric – a kind of problem in which the two halves are developing completely separately – "is so rare that the world thinks."

“If a woman is going from the very beginning to making excellent sound and she can see that she has two dots. But this is from a rural area (and it does not get access to a masterpiece), ”said Professor Christopher Ng of the Harmonic Clinic.

"Ovulation triple and the three timetables are likely to be fertilized at the same time in the ovulation period, including three sentences," he said. T

Sultana said she was very happy, but said she was worried because the child would be very expensive for the couple's financial situation. For her husband, who is a laborer and who is paid for less than $ 95 a month, says "he will do everything he can," according to the AFP.

“Allah is a wonderful experience to have all my children healthy. I can do everything I can to be happy, "said the father.


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