A wonderful young couple of children still follow original back surgery


A British couple left traveling to Germany so their child could have been operating a back-up surgery to welcome a healthy baby's daughter.

Georgia Axford, 19, and Tyler Kelly, 21, gave a loan of £ 9000 ($ 16,000) as little as Piper-Kohl could do overseas in Germany – as there were no doctors British has been done before.

The parents found that their daughter had a spina bifida, a spine gap, at their 20-week screen.

The illness causes weakness or paralysis in the low comparators, and leaving people who suffer crutches, and in bad cases; leaving a patient with wheelchairs.

The piper was born in advance for 30 weeks and four days – giving her the same birth date with her doctors, Professor Thomas Kohl, who did the job and who gave her name.

They do not know how successful the surgery is in order to start a Piper. walk, but doctors can not see any signs of paralysis at present.

A beautiful Georgia man said: "It was covered with wires when she was first born but she was just the best feeling she saw. It was just as small.

"You could see the signal on its spine when it was first born. It allows you to imagine how amazing the procedure was. I'm just delighted to be a mother.

"We named a Piper after the surgeon in gratitude for his work. We would like to surprise the surgery to anyone who is like a similar boat.

"It was a bit frightening at that time and (e) a lot of money but it was very valuable. I'm so glad that she is here."

Georgia and Tyler were remedied to the NHS, but they were told he would surprise his previous work.

They both rebuked £ 9,000 ($ 16,000) and traveled 570 miles to Germany for the incredible work, which must be done by 26 weeks.

During the three-hour work, on 13 June, surgeons were connected to a 3.5-inch bad collagen, which was used as usual to Treating sustained swans, over Piper's spine.

It was open to the strengths cover and should repair the natural and low development, to stop its & # 39; bubble to be paralysis.

There was no Piper going to October 2, but Georgia entered into early works and was taken to Southmead's Hospital in Bristol, where emergency section C didctors on July 28.

The nine-week piper was born at 9.31m, which emphasized just 1.64kg.

The little girl spent the next two months in intense care, before being let home with her parents.

Georgia said he said: "I woke about 11pm and I did not think it was back again and going back to bed. But before 12.30am I was going to & # 39; get a full break.

"Tyler brought me to the hospital and was good because he had just been calm.

"It was weird because we had a scan that day and it was just in my ribcage. Looking back, maybe it was ready to come out.

"I did not keep it until 5pm that night when the nurses said I needed to have a break.

"We do not know how to work the whole thing to start walking, but it's all good at the moment.

"In a few months she is able to sit up on her own so that he can help to show her work."

Tyler's beautiful father said: "We were some worried when Georgia was working but Piper was much larger than we expected.

"When she was born first there was a little red openness from her work.

"It was not until we gave home that we felt like parents right. Before that, our nurses were around us and so we did not feel alone.

"Professor Thomas Kohl is an amazing battle and we wanted to name Piper later. She was also born on her birthday until he had all fallen.

"We are still in contact with it and will continue to post on the progress of our Piper. We would like to take a piper to Germany so that she could meet him."

Georgia and Tyler have set up a fundraising page to help pay the loan they have issued for the work. You can give it here.

This article first appeared on The Sun and is reproduced by permission.

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