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LONDON, November 16 (WebNoviny.sk) – The nineteenth took part in the FIDE festival between Magnus Carlsen and Fabian Carwan's other draw. This time, the audience watched games that lasted three and a half hours and a total of 58 hours; move to the chess board.

The Norwegian concert in the Netherlands had a bad impact on cracking over the right eye. However, the evil eye did not come to the outcome of the meeting. There was some benefit in the middle of the situation with its white figures. "I felt that I had a good company, but I got rid of it. After I drew the number 27, I realized that the draw was finished by dragging, but it continued the game, "Carlsen said on port theguardian.com.

A number of previous powers show that the winner will only make the most ambitious ambitions for America. At the moment, the second best chess game has a different perspective in the world. "I would not say that I was in a huge hook at the ninth place, except in the joy. I still do not think secretly. If the games are fair, I'll go to # 39; think about it. I also disagree with what others say they support, "explained Caruana.

The FIDE London fight will be played at 12 games on 9-28 November 2018 with a total contribution of 1 million euros. If the final winner of 6: 6, the winner of the winner in the name of "fast chess" will decide.

Match with the FIDE 2018 chess title

Magnus Carlsen (Norway) – Fabiano Caruana (SA) 4.5: 4.5 after IX. (0.5: 0.5; 0.5: 0.5; 0.5: 0.5; 0.5: 0.5; 0.5: 0.5, 0.5: 0.5 and 0.5: 0.5)

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