A wrestler will oppose her & # 39; war? Bradley Beal brings ideas on "Trade"


Many people were trading; This month, Washington Wizards, who did not meet well in the opening ceremony, this month, and there was a negative story about the struggle between John Wall and the main coach of Scott Brooks. The scratch Wizards players were then confirmed by the team that everyone was a bargaining team, trying to change the weather by doing so; and Bradley Beal came on the line to become a favorite team of many teams.

Surely, many recent press releases have shown that Bradley Beal is very dissatisfied with the Wizards team team, and I hope that the "Trade Me" team will be out of Lakers immediately or are interested in the Bradley Beal. But after today's game with Rockets, Bradley Beal accepted himà

InterviewThe time sent to the # 39; case, saying that he was not the truth, but Wizards was the team he wanted to heal.

Readers should be interested in taking into account the ongoing HYPEBEAST report, or DeMarcus Cousins ​​expects to return after Christmas.

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