A yellow star, convicted of death … Rammstein has crossed the border



They're used to a scene that is common and often to the borders, and the German metal band is very frightening in its latest video "Deutschland".

"The Holocaust should not be used for advertising purposes"Amongst other things, one of the Liberal Party leaders (FDP) was crowned Alasdair Graf Lambsdorff. "Abuse", "Despicable"Supermarket-based industrialization band Rammstein has thrown a lot of misbehavior after broadcasting a video where members appear as a concentration camp prisoner.

«Setting up Rammstein's musicians in camping camps that have been sentenced to death represents a red line»German anti-Semitism leader Felix Klein was announced in the Bild Zeitung newspaper which is visiting Thursday as she says. "If this was just encouraging the sale of the new album, I think it will be a bad taste of artistic freedom" the says.

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"The band have taken over this video"Charlotte Knobloch, former president of the Jewish Central Council, a prominent figure in the Jewish German community. "The Rammstein method has stopped the suffering and death of millions of people for horrible and utter entertainment." The video begins with the title of the final title of the group entitled "Deutschland", which can be seen on his website, showcasing its musicians in costume similar to that worn by prisoners at home t the Nazi camps, rope round his neck, waiting to be hanged. A charismatic singer Till Lindemann is smeared with blood from his right eye. The guitar of the yellow star is wearing his jacket.

20 million records already sold

Established in 1994 by musicians of the former GDR Rammstein, whose name describes the plane crash on a American basis of the same name in 1988 – the most famous German group is t in the world of more than 20 million records sold. He is best known for his staged performer with stunning pyrotechnics and for his own taste of strike, which has already been assumed to be nearing him t the Nazi belief, which the musicians are always denied.

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The group were especially damaged by video clip in 1998 images of an Nazi propaganda film t Olympia from the actress and director, Leni Riefenstahl. In a 2006 interview with Playboy, Till Lindemann said that this band wouldn't do it again. "Because I'm tired of the charges that we're a hard organization"said the priest.

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