A young man who has been accused of killing another in Lisbon is going to kill her. Getting informed about this Monday court decision – Portugal


A young man, 21, is accused of having killed another in Lisbon in October 2017, following a debate between two groups, aware of Monday being ruled in the Lisbon Criminal Court's First Court, in the Habitat of Justice .

The beginning of the session is recorded for 12.15.

João Pedroso is opposed to a qualifying slaughter and is under a harsh contract under this process.

The agreement of the BP, to which the Lusa group had been able to say, said it was in Lisbon early October 21, 2017, inside Pérola bar, in Largo Vitorino Damásio, "the crime of Miguel Alves was involved in the letters of conversation with an unidentified person, known as El Chapo, strì that is healed clearly."

Around 4 out, after leaving his bar, the person who was leaving the bar, suffering and another young man who was involved in a new change "by a group of individuals, including El Chapo, as a result of the fight wounded by white armor and physical attacks, some of them made by the victim themselves in the other attacks. "

The accident says that Miguel Alves, at the age of 21, from Avenida D. Carlos I and July 24, went to Cause for Sodré, after he had been arrested. release out of attackers. Pedroso "and a friend for this.

"At Rua's translation time for Instituto Industrial and Avenida 24 de Julho, the person who asked the attackers in the background asked him, hit a knife and hit a stroke back from the top to bottom and right of the left in the scattered zone of the offenders. Against the violence of his victim, the crime fell to the earth, "and" describing his / her PHP.

When the person "crumbled the ground, the accused gave him an uncertain number on his head and other parts of the body," which caused many wounds to the young man and that It is "a direct and necessary result" of his death. complaint.

Then, the defender started to shoot the place, "crossing some witnesses sitting on board on Jul 24 Avenue along with others.

The MP says that at that time the defendant asked, with a knife in his hand and a polo in a bloody dress (he broke in a non-fertile place): ".. . I've been asleep already, I've sent it away … "," … I killed him already, I put everything on me. "

"The defendant is led by just rising and lack of self-control, showing a lack of accountability and a complete attraction for people's lives. When replacing different parts of the body and the chief of the offenders, with this already on the ground, the increase in his suffering must be said, "the disaster says.

The victim's mother, who was a helper in the case, had a civil petition registration for 106,000 barley.

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