A young racer after working 11 hours says: "I'll go back – A young race after 11-hour action points: I'm going back


Sophia Flörsch

The organizers drag Sophia Flörsch from the manager who was demolished.

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The German Pilot Formule 3 Sophia Flörsch wants to return to a motor sport after a serious crash and almost half a day of long haul jobs.

"I spent work lasted once a hour. I hope that now
this will work better only. Be right back! "She wrote her officially
Facebook profile. Flörsch said she needed a few days later
Stay at the Macau hospital scene. She thanked the nurse
Staff as well as the people who helped him directly during the crash.

"My thoughts are with everyone who is involved in the disaster.
I hope everyone is right, "she said.

A seven-year-old racer would travel over the World Cup on Sunday
finalized by his son after a Japanese Cubeia vehicle invasion
Fireballs and mogal over pedestrian leaders
at a distance of almost 280 km / h. Flörsch broke the seventh cervical vertebrae.
She did not show any signs of paralysis and she had damaged a back bone. After an accident
she was aware and communicated.

In addition, a Japanese racer, two photographers and
walk a path. An International Automobile Research Accident

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Motorcycle Rider Daniel Hegarty, when he stops the crash in "Rybar
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Luis Carreira and Philip Yau, Hong Kong car runner. informed

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