A young woman is finishing in a wheelchair


Paralyzed 24 years after crying wild cats

A British woman took hold of a cat who traveled on a holiday in Portugal and finished in a wheelchair. Apparently, the 24-year-old man had been banned by placing the animal with his / her; Campylobacter insect, which meant that she was not able to walk for months.

Bacterial disease will add a young woman in the wheelchair

Especially in cats, many animal lovers can not help them. This was also true with Gemma Birch from Southport in the north-west of England – but then something happened to just add some of its animals. For a 24-year-old man, when he was gutting wild cats, he held a bacterial disease that led her to land ashore in a wheelchair.

A young woman has been caught by catching cats with Campylobacter bacteria. The disease was a 24-year-old in a wheelchair. (Image: Saklakova / fotolia.com)

Find the campylobacter bacteria in the stool

According to a report in the British Mirror newspaper, Gemma Birch who was 24 years of age during a holiday in Portugal in 2014, caused her paralysis from the brackets.

According to her blogger, she was in Albufeira, where she met a tough cat and she grew friendly.

However, it was the love of animals that were; deadly: on the last day of her time, she had come in again and again and was lying on the way back.

Back in the UK, it was taken to Southport Hospital, where the last doctors found her Campylobacter barrel.

Typically it will be & # 39; This virus is in chicken.

Diseases of Campylobacter disease

Campylobacter diseases can cause a diseased disease disease, which accompanies symptoms such as; diarrhea, pancreatic pain and fever.

In addition, it is possible to break & Burning, blood in the stool and extra complaints such as headache and cancer, diarrhea or tiredness.

In rare cases, Guillain-Barré's syndrome's champylobacteriosis syndrome prevents anguish system disease. Anglicised English English was 24 years old as one of these rare issues.

There is a disease that attacks the strange system

According to the newspaper report, Gemma Birch was released from hospital after a week. But her father gave her a short break after her luck to be her feet in midnight.

The doctors tested the patient with the syndrome of Guillain-Barré – a situation in which the body's defenses system is attacking its own strange system.

As a result, the blogger spent four months in a revival clinic and did not return to her usual after 14 months.

"I had to rely on nurses to go to the nursing room and wash my own. I lost control of my bone and the stream and I could not afford my arms and hands to use it because they were so weak, "explained his. young woman.

She accepts that she is in the condition of her condition with her; A cat in Portugal, who may have taken the whites long and # 39; as he was sheared in a litter dog.

This is obvious, among other things, an older study, published in the "Canadian Medical Association Journal".

The researchers said that quadruple friends can attract harmful spots to people, for example, with bites and scratches, or even if they are lying on the animal over.

Patients have been cautious

Gemma Birch has become more careful after the long term.

"As long as I'm missing it, I can not present a pretty cat at the moment. I like cats pets and asked me for a pet," said the 24 year old.

However, she would also hope "they have not been sewing in hotel vessels."

Their willingness is for people to value their health long and long; they are. (AD)

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