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Water Waters SGPS SA, a property-owned company of Avenida Dom João II, in Braga, which owns Alardo and Monchique, has purchased the Casa Grande Chocolates factory at Vila Nova de Famalicão for deposit of two million euros. which includes building and capacity building.

"The factory Casa Grande Chocolates is strategically acquired for SGPS WaterBunkers growth," said a statement released today by Famalicão, which will maintain its management team.

At present, with 21 staff and a producing capacity of 45 tons / month, to be 'expanded' soon, the Casa Grande Chocolate Factory, which is based in Ribeirão, was purchased at the beginning of 2018 by the year end. The Onebiz group, from Matosinhos, works there. in more than 30 countries.

The value of the publication has not been published, but according to stakeholders, the total investment in the company (including their construction) will be in order of around two million euro, placing this bet. engaged in the WaterBunkers group "asset diversification" strategy.

The manager of WaterBunkers, Paula Nascimento, highlights that the diversity of the organisation's presence in the agri-food sector, that is through entering the chocolate sector, was aimed: "The aims were too numerous; However, for our time now in the chocolate market we wanted to be with a company that was set up and acted in accordance with our vision, "he says. t

According to the song, Casa Grande is bringing together a series of materials that were fundamental to this conclusion "difference, innovation and quality of human resources".

“We have been closely following the Casa Grande Chocolate Factory performance and the innovative projects it has been developing, especially the new brand, 'Not guilty'. Right, we think, according to what we are coming to make with our brands.

She confirmed that the two million investments that have been made "in the short-term" in the sense "will follow the work done by the Chocolate Factory management team, invited to go ahead, and t focused on three strategic axes: the re-location of the Casa Grande brass brand, launching the Sensible No – The Right Way and the development of award winning chocolates disturb each other in line with new food trends.

Showing that the Chocolate Factory's growth strategy is based on innovation and continuous improvement of new products, Paula Nascimento accepts that "invest in R & D sector" [Investigação & Desenvolvimento] it is fundamental "and revealing that there will be" enabling capacity, to respond more effectively to the growing demand for new business chocolate in business. " "

In January 2019 the Chocolate Factory went ahead with their second logo – Not Guilty – The Right Way – with a different target and buyer different from the precious band Casa Grande, and the "secret" says it is " the perfect balance between taste and nutrition. "

Established in 2009 in the Vila Nova de Famalicão, Casa Grande Hocolate Factory wanted from the start that it would be “a description of better quality in the chocolate sector”, ensuring that all the production work was done, t cocoa to chocolate.

As well as their two brands, the factory makes chocolate for appearing in other food products for the Portuguese and other foreign industries.

WaterBunkers SGPS was established in 2010 and is based in Braga and is a company responsible for managing some of the water bottle units, including Água Monchique (which is t crest, Alardo, CHIC and Waty.

Its strategy is "to grow, expand and sustainable nationalization of the flag, constantly evolving growth with value".

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