A young woman who died after being discharged from hospital to eat porridge in hospital three months ago


Photo: Portal R7 / Ric More

Wendrik Santos da Silva, 18, died on Tuesday evening (19), who was suffering from high bowel cancer. The boy was given to hospital for three months receiving treatment at the São José Municipal Hospital in Santa Catarina (SC).

Last Tuesday (12), Wendrik fled the hospital to eat acid eating. At the time, he arrived at a fast food chain in the town and he was welcomed by the manager.

With no money, Wendrik went to Joinville Town Council, where his mother had been working already, and he asked for help to buy the food. After eating mostly and taking two soft drinks, Wendrik was bounced and bored.

This was the third time the young lad had escaped from hospital. According to the family, Wendrik wanted to take advantage of his short time, because the cure did not produce any more.

With information from Portal R7 / Ric Mais!

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