AAF Week 1 Scenario, issued: Trent Richardson has a & # 39; scoring two TDs after he started slowly in the early Iron


Week 1 for the 2019 Federation of American Football season is not yet on. Even though its average nearly 3 million observers Looking to watch the first two Saturday night games, there are two other games today to keep the party out there; go.

First of all, the Sports CBS Network is Birmingham's Memphis Express at 4 p.m. ET. That is followed by the Salt Lake City Stallions of Arizona Hotshots at 8 p.m. the NFL Network. Some of the names on tap today include Trent Richardson to & # 39; run on iron, Christian quarterback coach Hackenberg and Hotshots Rick Neuheisel. Although the first round of AAF games was fun, we still have to see a premature time. Can we get one on Sundays?

Keep on with CBS sport all night and night as we renew this post with the latest platforms, scores and favorite stories.

Scoran (updated after quarterly)


Birmingham Iron 26, Memphis Express 0
Salt Lake City Stallions at Arizona Hotshots


Orlando Apollos 40, Atlanta 6 stories
Heads of San Antonio 15, San Diego Fleet 6

Look at those things …

Trent Richardson influenced a slow start with two TDs

It was said that this was the Richardson re-visit, but the old Brown Browns and Indianapolis Colts got back slowly by eighteen, carrying 17 yards through the first half. His third quarter did not look better with lost fumble on one of his best races on the day. However, Richardson found the last belt in the fourth quarter to put the Iron 15-0 up and set the chance to turn two current points. He also influenced last year's game, the second one of the day, to finish 56 yards in the 26-0 victory.

It's been a hard day for Richardson while he's a & n; trying to return his way to the NFL – his rods for all behaviors were still under 3.0 – but at least he finished better than he started.

Iron closed down Express with a strong defense attempt

Like the Saturday night defense struggle between San Antonio and San Diego, Memphis-Birmingham was a rock fight for about three quarters of The Lead Iron 9-0, but they were very strong on defense. One of the best playoffs of the day has been a problem with Christian Hackenberg quarterback Express, which has been on the # 39; Finding any consistency in his post after his success in the state stat of Penn State.

Today's contemporary combo for Memphis-Birmingham: Icy White vs. Black

The AAF has a clear uniform, but there is a more classic look for Memphis and Birmingham. The Express plays Icy White long while & # 39; The Iron, without being amazing, will play their black hair. It may not be the hardest sight, but something has been said for the simplest appearance to be shown at the Legion Range on Sunday.

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