AB InBev transmits biomass from bad beer from its beer 0%


(Belgian) AB InBev will now add some alcohol as well as away from the beer that there is no alcohol in biomass, named today Sunday, trying to keep it off; going to sustain sustainability.

"Until now, it was considered that alcohol was taken from beans after being broken, and residual rubbish," said AB InBev in a statement. But the breeder, who sees every week, fills three tankers with 75,000 liters of alcohol that were infected; leaving his site in Leveinn, who wanted to "find a greener and more advanced demand". Therefore, AB InBev has made a decision with an agreement with Alcogroup, a Belgian biologist maker, who sells alcohol from the giant giant every week. "From this point to June, a running project where Alcogroup will turn a million liters of alcohol into biomass," said the lie. A hundred liters of alcohol can create 18 liters of biomass. Biomass is not the only thing that, in Australia, AB InBev already has a good quality-based violet based on alcohol. live there. (Belgian)

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