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It will keep two minutes in the game, but for a minute after it's done; Returning from pen pens, everything has been a prime goal when he pushes for throwing the special ring from the ring. His conciliator, Mrázek, was once gathered to the end of the third, when he did not get close to the call Johansson.

Even with a hard task to & # 39; game, Czech warden can challenge the challenge after Johansson again. The biggest star of the game, the nobleman, Nico Hischier, who supported the Devils campaigns.

Similar hockey Louis had promised the duelle after Nashville and after a third third 3: 1. Finally, however, they did not mark after winning 60 minutes. Clippers were defamatory to proceed, but after sixteen years the game was decided to decide; welcomes Blues Tarasenko, who finished the game.

The home side gave two goals to Sweden Arvidsson, and a man for the Forsberg country.

He won both Boston and Colorado at home. The Czechs did not play the Bruins. The Avalanche team was introduced to Boston in Boston, but after one-third-thirds it was compared and asked for its decision game.

At the end, b & # 39; Brad Marchand, the first home-based campaigner, is the seat of the biggest star. He helped with his first appearance and then at 64:03 Brins defeated him.

Buffalo did not succeed in a home decision with Winnipeg. The guests were at the start of the second in the first in weakness, but the Sava saved the space before the second stop. In the last twenty minutes, however, the Jets starred. Less than four minutes before, Wheeler was involved in the defeat of Winnipeg Scheifel's influence. Vladimír Sobotka did not leave home away from home.

In the Battle of Chicago with Detroit, 5: 2 won the Blackhawks. The home team made good wishes and managed after the first third of 2: 0. The score was opened by Dominik Kahun, a German, German, who had two shots and one help in the # 39 game. It ran 56 minutes into the game, which reduced the lead to 2 – 3 with a very good game, and it was obvious that it was close to a challenge. In just one minute, he built Chicago at Kane and then got the Toews in his open cage.

The home team also won Newers Islanders with Minnesota 2-1. The islanders proved a great win when they won four of the last five duels in a well-known international competition. The Wild team is just against it. In the last five games he won once.

Florida lost its own audience with Tampou Bay. The game was set up by striker strikes of Russia Nikity Kučerov. He clarified a score in the five minutes to mark a 5-2 decision 48 seconds before finishing his / her; game. He added him another help.

Rangers New York succeeded. He beat the four-time series of wins in Toronto when he won 4: 1. The drivers ran 2: 1 after and # 39; first time, but the duel was still fair. A decision was made in the last ten minutes. McQuaid took the first Rangers and Hayes twenty seconds before the end of the game ended the score with a goal in the goal of visiting. The Chinese Filip Chytil converter did not win in the gateway.

NHL Match Results
Nashville – St. Louis 4: 5 in pre-time. (0: 0, 1: 3, 3: 1 – 0: 1)
Goalies: 26 and 47. Arvidsson, 43. Josi, 53. F. Forsberg – 25., 48. and 61. Tarasenko, 23. Pietrangelo, 26. Bozak. Views of the goal: 44:29. Spectators: 17 622. Related stars: 1. Tarasenko (St. Louis), 2. Arvidsson, 3. Johansen (both Nashville)
Boston – Colorado 2-1 PP
Buffalo – Winnipeg 1: 3
Chicago – Detroit 5: 2
New Jersey – Carolina 3: 2
NY Students – Minnesota 2: 1
Florida – Tampa Bay 2: 5
Rangers – Toronto 4: 1

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