Abbotsford's mother with MS is returning from Africa without his son accepted


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Published Tuesday, November 27, 2018 5:42 PM PST

Last updated Tuesday, November 27, 2018 6:53 PM PST

Abbotsford's mother spent a few months in Africa to wait for the removal of her newly transmitted emigrant papers to British Columbia alone after giving ill health to hospital her.

An incredible collection between sisters and friends took place at Vancouver International Airport on Tuesday after they had been traveling away from Kim Moran, but two of the most important people of life were missing from the photograph: her son of two years, Ayo and the person, Clark S-

"It may have been the most difficult part to put me away at the airport and I knew … I was safe and sent home by myself , "said Kim CTV News at a & # 39; airport. "I was feeling so lonely there and I just tried to help and get information."

Kim, who had a split-up sclerosis last week, had been in Ghana since the summer after she and Clark went to Nigeria to finish her lap- Ayo adoption. He would not think about the process more than a few weeks, Clark returned to Canada, leaving Kim and Ayo in Ghana.

But more than three months later, the paperwork is not yet ready.

"Everything we're trying to give a little boy who has no family, who is homeless, living and home here in Canada and just a & # 39; feeling like we had done a roadside thereafter, "Kim said." To find out that you're really depressing and dumping this fragile person. .. even the danger that some of that is just so convicted of my heart breaking. "

Last week, Kim went out to Facebook saying she had begun to feel her arm and could not walk. Her condition was so bad that she needed to be hospitalized in Accra. This week, Clark went back to Ghana to take care of Ayo so she could return home and get her medical attention. necessary.

"She can not take care of her at the moment … It's out of her character too," said Kim's cute Lindsay Jeans to CTV. "It's so strong and it's disastrous."

"She disappeared there, she had no symptoms at the time. She was in a pledge," said her friend Barb Pichette.

Immigrants, refugees and citizenship Canada has not told CTV that it is possible for a two-step abduction and immigrant process to be between six or eight months, but that period can be as long as two years depending on the child's countryside and other reasons Post-

Morans's paperwork was found in February 2017. One year and nine months later, the family's adoption process is at the forefront of the government's estimated senior line, but it has not exceeded it.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Minister of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said, "the Mission in Accra is currently working to prompt this application to the process," but said he must do the best to make the child be protected.

"In different situations, our first priority is the protection and safety of the children involved," said the statement. "As signatories to the Hague collection, we have a duty to ensure that all international adoptions respect the laws of the nations that contribute and receive . "

Ayo's grandmother or grandmother directly appealed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his Liberal campaign. stopped in Ontario on Tuesday.

"I said," It's about Ayo, which is 2½ years old and has not been a big commission in Accra, Ghana to do anything, "said Rick Moran, the father of the Clark Presbyterian.

Despite how long & # 39; In the process of adoption, Kim is still hopeful to return his family soon.

"To be back in Canada, I want to go home and put on socks and get a Christmas tree, but I'm not going to celebrate Christmas here on my own. "

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