Abdel-Ghani to "Yalla Koura": the Zamalek situation is correct … and a complaint was made about rejecting a loyalty and expressing its agreement as a will


Magdi Abdel Ghani, a member of the Egyptian Football Federation, said that the Zamalek recording by Mahmoud Abdel Moneim "Electra" was legally held on Sunday, because the club had paid the fees when sign the contract.

"A contract has been signed today, Zamalek is totally healthy, and paid legal taxes," said Abdul Ghani in his comments to Yalla Koura Sunday.

"The problem with Kahraba with Zamalek was a disagreement about the compensation money. We have nothing to do as a football company. We signed his contract with his unidentified club.

He said: "The object of the document has been chosen to choose the complaint, if he wishes to appeal before the International Federation, the International Sports Court but that the Union has a sound ball."

"Zamalek gave a contract and asked him to expand the contract with his player by pulling out the old contract, and what happened to Abdullah Al-Saeed."

"Zamalek was paying all taxes for an electrical contract until it finished, which represents 3% of its contract value," he finished.

Zamalek was reinforced a contract signed by Kharba in 2017 to extend its connection with its club to June 2022.

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