Abdel Razek Abdominal Damaged her invasion leaflet for the Egyptian media company


Abdel Razek's actor went out of the poster she wrote on her profile on the Instagram website after she was attacked.

Her actress Gada Abdel Razek wrote a letter to her; invoking the group of Egyptian media through the launch of the " Her profile on the Instagram site, saying, "I'm a hero I am fighting a group called the Egyptians trying to work in the drama."

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Lean Ghada Abdel Razek announces, "There are not many people, artists and Vipkolo, I promise you at home, even though I can not help you."

It is worth mentioning that the latest collaboration between Saudi Abdel Razek and the Egyptian Media Society, led by Tamer Morsi's representative, was onshore. After succeeding, reputed Tamer Morsi, reinforced his contract with Abdel Razek on a new series that was shown during the Ramadan 2019 race.

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