Abdel Razek's privacy message to Gda – Al Bahrain, Ayyam newspaper


Number No. 10815 Sunday 18 November 2018 responding to 10 Rabi & # 39; al-Awwal 1440

His Austrian actress, Abdel Abdel Razek, surprised his listeners and followers with horrible words, where she talked about a war that aimed at a & # 39 ; share drama.
Abdel Razek published a picture through his official account of "Instagram", which appeared with his daughter, "Rotana" and his grandchildren, and said the picture in her words that were taken to the -hearing, saying, "O public, I am fighting for a group called Media for the Egyptians." She continued the Egyptian artist, saying, "I do not want to work in the drama of the year … I do not … there are many artists … And Vikoloa Hnkadkm at home . "
Ghada Abdel Razek said she was to understand who she was; Speaking on behalf of the organization, can sometimes be answered when they speak on behalf of the army, and sometimes the answer is that they speak on behalf of the information service.

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