Abdelkader Retnani stresses a message: How does the book market go? do in Morocco?


This is a edition that belongs to culture and books that we invited Abdellah Tourabi this Sunday. 2m.ma offers a replay for her.

The International Books and Books Festival (SIEL) will return to 25m organized from February 7 to 17 at the Casablanca Show and Exhibition Office.

At this time, Abdellah Turabi had defeated the situation in the book in Morocco and today, Abdelkader Retnani, president of the Union of Professional Publishers of Morocco (UPEM).

How does the book market do in Morocco? What is the relationship of the Morries with the book? How will young generations encourage more reading and promoting a culture with them?

Abdelkader Retnani responded to all those questions and others who sent the invitations from Abdellah Tourabi to this edition, and Amine Boushaba, from the L & E Economiste and Ghita Zine website from the website. Yabiladi website.

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