Abdul Majid Abdullah congratulates Ahlam and what happened to them


Continuation to Palm 365: Saudi artist Abdul Majid Abdullah, congratulated Ahlam's Singer at UAE about his new song "Ehlaf".

Abdul Majid Abdullah said he was praised for the Ahlam song through his official Twitter account where he wrote her: "Congratulate Yaam Vahd and wants to hear more successful Dawn"South Westerly

For her, Ahlam thanked Abdul Majid Abdullah for his words and wrote in a tweet: "Ghali Bou Abdullah Mstakin you are reassessing and it's not odd to respect you. God does not worry me and I want"South Westerly

It is worth noting that the first time they are hilarious about their new work is not an artistic and friendly society between Ahlam and Abdul Majid Abdullah.

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