Abhisit Vejjajiva Besides pain.


Dr. Supaporn Pitirote, General Secretary of the Chao Phraya Foundation Say Labhais It is a herb that Thai doctors use. Appearing in medical texts, medicine, welfare in many scriptures. It is a herb that is often a & u; use and appear in a very high medication. The vine is part of the treatment of coughing, breaking, cystic fibrosis, cervical, cough, ligamine, diarrhea, dysentery, diuretic, medicine dysentery, medicine dysentery, dysentery, cough, sputum. Including the uterus interactive. These buildings are similar to the use of traditional medicine.

South Westerly

Supaporn told me in 1992, his mother, Lee Sae-ue, now 92, who was the mother of Phatchari Saranurak. In that year, you came in and gave you a non-lost herbal remedy. This drug is laxative. You got to know from Feng Shui. Ratchaburi Practice as a cure. Tell people to cure themselves and then much. Not only does it delete its & # 39; gun itself. Yellow, green, fall, fall, and then eat. Later, lignin medicine activity was inspected. The defensive system, which could be a method that will help to improve symptoms.

In 1993, a well-known 70-year-old grandmother You have been consulting Illness with knee pain But he can not eat arthritis. Due to consequences to make it gastritis. I have to try to eat. Your grandmother seems to have a lame pain. That's all. There are a number of people who need pain pain that has no effects, such as those caused by current medicines. When you know that it is a plant in its & # 39; The herb glen used by older people to cure the disease. It is also regularly boiled as a drug elixir. Finding search data that the virus has the anti-inflammatory effect. This is another option for craftsmen. But to ensure safety. It was sent to the Department of Medical Sciences to examine it. When there is little toxicity and scarcity. Develop the laxative pain in the capsule used in the hospital.

Other Response of safeguarders.

"Later on, there is scholarly work. Antibiotics can increase the protection that may be beneficial to AIDS patients. Cancer patients are also treated through clinical tests (human examinations) to address to the knee decline. The anti-inflamatory drug is currently unchanged and to bring back pain. Compared to the current drug, Diclofenac is not available too. It also has fewer effects. Currently, the capsule is added to the main drug in 2011, "said Supaporn. No body of eye eyes. Another answer to pages is safe. It is also used as cure for other diseases. It affirms that Thai wisdom is valid. If Thai people do not forget it.

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