Abilities of Juan Fernando Quintero to leave River Plate Colombian Tharra


Juan Fernando Quintero is a co-founder of one of the most important parties of his career as a football player, as he is among those who were called for a final of the Libertadores Cup between River Plate and Boca Juniors, in El Monumental, this Saturday. Although Colombia looks like it seems, it would not be the first millionth group for this meeting.

Although he has given big shows, Quintero has not shown that the person is essential to the team of Marcelo Gallardo. In the first step it was not a starting point and, if Gonzalo & # 39; Pity Martínez is injured, the conservative of Antioquia has little opportunities.

Despite this, the River would be willing to spend the 3,250,000 euros; asked Porto for his business in January, as these two clubs already have an agreed loan year at the beginning of 2017. In addition, His new clause would have a purchase option for 25 million dollars and a contract for the next three years.

However, Colombia's continuity in the Argentine team would not be sure. His year with River and with the National Team of Colombia has been a target for other world-wide teams and has two teams with an interest in his services. According to Olé, Quintero's headwrecks would be a Chinese club with an illegal offer that left the River 10 million barrels. The other offer is not yet on the table, but, according to the same media, scouts from England will be Saturday at El Monumental to explore the Colombian game.

Juan Fernando Quintero's preferences would not be there, as the quality of football has already been shown by his member. In addition, the excellent selection of the River River would go out to a number of players from the center such as Exequiel Palacios, which says it has the opportunity to go to Real Madrid, or the "Pity" Martinez, idol with Those shown to the time of each game.

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