Abolition of Sophie Le Tan: the student's DNA found the suspicion of Jean-Marc Reiser


RESEARCH – AFP reports that the student's 20-year-old DNA had been discovered early in September to north on Strasbourg on the ocean-water of the most suspect, Jean-Marc Reiser.

Something big ahead. Jean-Marc Reiser – DNA of Sophie Le Tan, a 20-year-old student from early September to the north of Strasbourg, was found in a bloody color on the water of the north-west cellar. AFP cites a well near the cause.

I heard this Thursday for nearly eight hours, and Jean-Marc Reiser, who is still standing for being innocent, was not able to prove DNA (in sight,). T right down, and he was very upset, ”said this same well.

One of the lawyers said for the 58-year-old, Pierre Giuriato, that he couldn't confirm the blood of Sophie Le Tan on this sap. After consulting with an audio summary, Sophie Le Tan's family lawyer, Gérard Welzer, told the newspapers that Jean-Marc Reiser had been "a huge element" to be found. , not to want to explain what it was.

When she had to meet with her family at midday to celebrate her 20th birthday, Sophie Le Tan visited a Schiltigheim residence, near Strasbourg, on the morning of 7 November. T September. It was not found from, despite the excavation of the researchers and a number of "affected citizens" in the area.

He was already convicted of attacks, and Jean-Marc Reiser posted an email that Sophie Le Tan answered, but she denies they had been involved. It was captured a few days later, using telephone data. A blood vessel in Sophie Le Tan, obviously trying to stop, was found in her place.

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