About 3,500 rented and first-time renters bought housing grant support from 2013: HDB


SINGAPORE: With the help of different housing grants, around 3,500 rented tenants have purchased their first home in the Building Orders or Opportunity Sales (SBF) exercises since 2013, The Housing and Development Board (HDB) said Sunday (February 10).

Nearly 2,000 of these farmers have collected and moved the keys to their new flats, HDB said. The rest waits to finish their flats.

On average, there are around 600 tenant tenants who come home owners every year.

Suitable firearms families who get a flat from HDB buy up to £ 80,000 of housing grants, including the additional CPF Housing Grant of up to $ 40,000 and the CPF Housing Grant Special for up to $ 40,000.

Out of the 3,500 leases, 221 of the highest housing grants amounted to $ 80,000, HDB.

The AHG and SHG amounts are calculated based on the monthly household income for the 12 months before these families come into the flat application. Families with lower family income will receive a contribution of a larger grant.

Those who sell a sale that are negotiated from the open market can up to £ 1,500,000 of housing grants, which including the CPF Housing Grant (up to $ 50,000), AHG (up to $ 40,000) and the Equal Housing Grant (PHG) of $ 20,000.

Under PHG, all Singapore citizen families who buy a real sale can get to go to # 39; stay within a four kilometer area of ​​their parent or parent home $ 20,000.

In addition to the housing donations, optional tenants can also use a variety of priority schemes when they apply for a BTO or SBF flat.

Tenants who apply for a flexible or three-bedroom apartment in BTO or SBF exercise can do so under a Tenant Priority Scheme (TPS). A majority of the farmers who bought the first cover in the last six years bought either a flexi or three flat rooms. About 47 per cent decided to buy a three-bedroom flat, and 28 per cent bought a flexi flat with two rooms.

Under TPS, HDB will add 10 per cent of the flat provision in the sales exercises for suitable public rent tenants, and also to other applicants on which Government re-installations or reforms will be # 39 , affecting their flats.

Suitable tenants may also apply for a BTO or SBF scheme under priority schemes such as the Third Parent Predictability Scheme or the Parental Priority Scheme.

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