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The small town of Moreira Sales, 84 kilometers away from Campo Mourão, looks at the beginning of dengue. At least 14 cases of the disease were confirmed, being totally 12 removed – distributed within their own home – and 2 were introduced. The maestro, Rafael Brito do Prado (PMDB), said the town was at war against Aedes aegypti, mosgbit which gives dengue fever, chikungunya and a yellow fever, and a zika virus.

"We are counting on the co-operation of the population. Only the administrative structure is valid," he said. This week, the Mourão 11th Area Health Sanitary Survey began the smuggling of anti-Aedes. In addition to the issues already confirmed, there are 30 further informations on Moreira Sales that are being investigated.

Prado said the town is currently doing work, and # 39; to eliminate creators to send a "#; Given the disease and care management of the people. He said the town was receiving all necessary support from the 11th Regional Health. "Our work is done, typically public representatives usually reduce these issues, we face up, and show the population at risk and to ask everyone its part, "said the manager.

Prado reported that the town hall had two large breeding sites in the Aedes in the town, being in a vacancy and a vacancy. "This residence has been vacant two times. The decline has, as a rule, been a problem for every town, especially small ones, which need to be viewed after the conservation of these lots, "he said.

Despite the mystery, the sailor added that the situation is already under control and that the health and health surveillance teams are in place; home to strengthen work to & # 39; fighting and going to Aedes. "I believe we can stop this problem with regional help," he said.

He remembered about 5 years ago, which affected his & her; a big city with more than 100 declared certified cases. "We have been experiencing an epidemiological year of illness and every bit of care," he said.


After two years and eight months without virus transmission, Campo Mourão recorded the last week. first dengue case. The patient is converted as a resident on Flora's garden. The Epidemiology department is still analyzing the situation to find out if there is a & # 39; Unimportant case (broadcast at home) or included. The town is at risk of disease disease which warns the Health Department.

The president of the Combat Dengue Governance Committee, Carlos Alberto Bezerra, wants public attention. "With this case, if a mosquito who is not polluted to add this person, it will be contaminated and we can begin to increase the number of cases," he said. He said that there are six of the cases that are suspicious of the disease on Campo Mourão so far. "The people must be aware of their care," he said.

The General Mourão Campus Index of 11.40% of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The superintendent is considered to be awkward, as the availability of the Ministry of Health is below 1%. In the last survey last year, made in November, the high index was about 5.2%. This trip, out of 36 areas inspected, in six the rest were 20%. In only three places (central area, Milton de Paula Walter and Flora Garden) no breach was found. Since 2013, these high levels were not registered in the home.


In total, Paraná counts for 288 cases of dengue automated. There are 56 towns with automatic cases and 72 with certified issues, although included. Due to the Chikungunya war in Pará, there are three cases introduced to the pasta in Parana in the people who traveled to that state, one in Foz do Iguaçu, another in Curitiba and third at Medianeira. In terms of drafting, Foz records 25 automatic cases and five cases that have been submitted.

The State of the Health State has put a strong emphasis on public awareness, until it works to abolish the mosquito's breeding sites, Aedes egypti, Tarzan dengue. They reproduce in a wide variety of persistent water, in a waste plant, abandoned rubbish in empty lots, bottles, oil fountains or items abandoned in the back.

Increase the mosquito increase dramatically in the summer. The worst cases of the disease usually occur in some risk groups, including elderly people, pregnant women, small babies (29 days to 6 months of life), chemical practitioners and people with a variety of continuous diseases, mellitus diabetes, chronic anemia, diarrhea kidney, among others.

The aim is for everyone to quickly seek healthcare & # 39; Their first sign is. Early diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner greatly reduces the chance to & # 39; increasing the case.

The symptoms are the symptoms, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain and pain behind the eyes or general decoration. These signs can not be scared.

Summer, with higher temperatures and a wet climate, continues to water collection and the development of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, which is a give diseases such as dengue, zika and chikungunya. And those who travel need to double their care to avoid the disease, both in their premises, who do not have a person; lived there, as the last rented house for the season.

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